Wednesday, January 7, 2009

“Smooth driving is fast driving” Lars Schlömer

Ahead of the 24-hour endurance race in Dubai, GT Academy winner Lars Schlömer spoke to

How are you feeling about the prospect of racing for 24 hours in Dubai?

It’s going to be a tough race and I have much to work on before January. I need to improve my fitness in order to race for longer periods and I need more time in the Nissan 350z. Everything is going to be new for me in Dubai: my first international race, a new style of racing and a new car.

How has your life changed since you won the GT Academy?

I couldn’t believe it when I won. I have wanted to race for real for a long time and the final at Silverstone was the best day of my life. Many things have changed, I now spend a lot of time travelling to the UK for race weekends; I had only been on a plane twice before and now I fly every week. I am learning new things all the time.

Which piece of advice has been most memorable?

Smooth driving is fast driving.

Have there been any low points where you felt out of your depth?

This is too much fun. I used to drive a cab, now I am a racing driver – there are no low points.

Do you worry about the danger?

Life is dangerous! The team is there to make things as safe as possible.

How much do you feel you have improved?

As I lined up for my first race I was incredibly nervous; everything was new to me and I realised how little I knew about racing. Now, I’m driving all the time and getting training from the best, so I must be better by now.

Between you and Lucas Ordóñez, which is the best driver?

We are both trying hard!

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